Cover Gallery

JACS, 2021 ” Algae-Based Microrobot for Removal of SARS-CoV-2″

ChemNanoMat, 2019 “Virus‐Based Nanomotors for Cargo Delivery”

ACS Sensors, 2018 “Chemical Sensing at the Robot Fingertips”

Angew Chemie, 2018 “Active Intracellular Delivery using Ultrasound-Propelled Nanomotors”

Lab on a Chip, 2018 “Wearable Sensors: Modalities, Challenges, and Prospects”

Advanced Functional Materials, 2017 “Ultrasmall Highly Efficient Catalytic Nanorockets”

Advanced Materials, 2017 “Light-Steered Isotropic Semiconductor Micromotors”

Small, 2016 “Magnetically Propelled Fish-Like Nanoswimmers”

ACS Sensors, 2016 “Aptamer-Modified Graphene-Based Catalytic Micromotors: Off–On Fluorescent Detection of Ricin”

Advanced Materials, 2015 “3-D Printed Artificial

Lab on a Chip, 2014 “Multiplexed immunoassay based on micromotors and microscale tags”

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2011 “Micromachine-Enabled Capture and Isolation of Cancer Cells in Complex Media”

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