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June 14th 2024:
Farewell for Jiachi Zhou: Joining MIT as a PhD student

April 4th 2024:
Farewell party to  Yujang Cho (South Korea)

Jan 8th 2024:
Dr. Wang’s Birthday Party

October 2023:
NBE Alumni reunion in Albania, 2023.

September 2023:
Farewell party to  Dr. Ana Casanova Martinez (Spain) and Christoph Buehler (Germany).

June 2023:
Farewell party to  Beatriz Arevalo Perez (Spain) , Silvia Vazquez Diaz (Spian), and Kittiya Sakdaphetsiri (Thailand).

June 2023:
Excellent seminar from Prof. Il-Doo Kim (KAIST).

New NBE alumni, May 2023:
Farewell party to Dr. Jongmin Moon (Korea) .

New NBE alumni, April 2023:
Farewell party to Dr. Fangyu Zhang (China) and Dr. Lu Yin (China) .

New NBE alumni, January 2023:
Farewell party to Thidarut Laochai (Thailand), Dr. Rafael Del Caño Ochoa (Spain), Letícia Francine Mendes (Brazil) and Dionysios Soulis (Greece) .

NBE January 2023:
Farewell party to Dr. Eva Vargas Orgaz.

NBE December 2022:
Farewell party to Cristina Muñoz San Martin, Dr. Ernesto De La Paz, and Dr. Rodolfo Mundaca-Uribe.

NBE December 2022:
NBE Holiday Trip- on the Ferry to Coronado Island

NBE November 2022:
Many congratulations to Dr. Fangyu Zhang for successfully defending their Ph.D. thesis. 

NBE November 2022:
Many congratulations to Dr. Ernesto De La Paz and Dr. Rodolfo Mundaca-Uribe for successfully defending their Ph.D. thesis. 

NBE July 2022:
Andy’s farewell

June 2022:
NBE alumni (Dr. Prasad Pamidi, Prof Rivas, and Dr. Maria P) reunion in Hungry.

May 2022:
Many congratulations to Dr. Lu Yin for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis work!

April 2022:
Warm congratulations to our lab alumna Dr. Juliane Sempionatto (Ph.D. 2021) for receiving t
he “2022 IUPAC-Solvay international award for young chemists” and the “Chemosensors 2021 Ph.D. Thesis Award“.

February 2022:
Prof. Arben Merkoci’s visit to NBE

February 2022:
Farewell to Dr. Victor

December 2021:
Warm congratulations to our lab alumni Dr. Amay J. Bandodkar (Ph.D. 2016) for securing a position in “America’s 50 Greatest Disruptors: visionaries and innovators ” by Newsweek  

December 2021:
Farewell to Dr. Cristian Silva and Dr. Farshad Tehrani

September 2021:
Virtual Farewell for Miguel

July 2021:
Warm congratulations to our lab alumni Dr. Amay J. Bandodkar (Ph.D. 2016) for his selection to the prestigious MIT35 Innovator List.

April 2021:
Virtual Farewell for Juliane, and Emil

Farewell for Ece Eskin and Mathieu Gallot, August 2018

Dr. Wang’s 70th Birthday, January 8th 2018

Visit of Prof. Arben Merkoci from Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology (Spain), October 2017

Farewell for Xiaocong Chang,
November 2017

Jinxing Li graduation, June 2017

Farewell for Dr. Xiaolong Lu, August 2017

2014 Reunion in Melbourne: Joe Wang with Dr. Merkoci and Dr. Musameh (2003 CNT Team)

Nanomotor sub-team spicy-lunch farewell party for Wenjuan Liu, Dec. 2016

Farewell for Dr. Mingli Xu, October 2016

Nanorobotics Showcase during the 2016 UCSD Robotics Institute Forum

Farewell for Dr. Virendra V. Singh, November 2015

UCSD Nanomotor Alumni in Meeting in Germany, 2016

Harbin Honorary

Visit to UCSD of Professor Xueji Zhang (1999 Post Doc, now Dean at USTB, Beijing), April 2014

Birthday Celebration for Dr. Joseph Wang, 2016

Farewell for Zhiguang, March 2015

Farewell for Denis, Yair, Tianlong, Tailin, Murat and Deniz, August 2015

Farewell for Gabriela, Beatriz, Aida, July 2015

Farewell for Dr. Amay J. Bandodkar, August 2016

NBE Lunch Party – 2009

Holiday Luncheon December 2014

Farewell for Jahir and William, Nov. 2014

Farewell for Josh, Guanzhi and Denise, June 2013

Wei Gao receiving the 2013 Spring MRS Graduate Student Award

NBE- Spring 2012

Winter party, December 2016

Visit of Professor A. Ivaska – 2013

DNA team – 1996

Farewell for Wei, Sirilak and Alex, June 2014

Farewell for Allen and Iza, June 2014

Visit of Professor Yongfeng Mei from Fudan University, April 2015

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