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December 2020: NBE Holiday party!!




November 2020: Cheers to Juliane Sempionatto-Moreto for winning the Siebel Scholar Award in recognition for her academic excellence and demonstrated leadership (Read More).




November 2020: Farewell Zoom party for Dr. Abbas Barfidokht after 4 years of postdocs (joining Radiometer).




July 2020: Farewell Zoom party for Dr. Berta Esteban after 5 years of postdocs (joining Dexcom). 



June 2020: Warmest congratulations to Amay Bandodkar  (Ph.D. 2016) for joining the ECE faculty of NC State University as Assistant Professor.

December 2019: Itthipon Jeerapan PhD Defense; warmest congratulations Itthipon





October 2019: Fernando Soto Alvarez PhD Defense; warmest congratulations Fernando (joining Stanford as Postdoc)





August 2019: Farewell to Dr. Doris RamirezVeronika Oravczova and Dr. Rupesh Mishra (joining Amity University, India, as Associate Professor). 





June 2019: Congratulations to Jinxing Li (PhD 2014) for being selected as "35 Innovators Under 35" on MIT Technology Review Magazine in recognition for his innovative academic excellence. (News link)




May 2019: Congratulations to Fernando Soto for receiving Gordon Fellow Award from the Jacobs School of Engineering.



May 2019: Farewell to Dr. Amir Nourhani; joining the University of Akron as Assistant Professor.



May 2018: Jayoung Kim PhD Defense; warmest congratulations Jayoung!






June 2017: Wei Gao (PhD 2014) has accepted a Faculty Position in the Caltech (Pasadena, CA), Dept of Medical Engineering. Cheers and Best Luck to Wei!  


May 2017: Jinxing Li PhD Defense (with committee), congratulations Jinxing!




November 2016: Congratulations to Jayoung Kim for winning in the poster competition at the Center for Wearable Sensor Summit.



October 2016: Congratulations to Joseph Wang for his Honorary Professor from Kunming University of Science and Technology (PR China).




October 2016: Jinxing Li for winning the Siebel Scholar Award in recognition for his academic excellence and demonstrated leadership.



August 2016: Wei Gao (PhD 2014) was selected for the prestigious award "35 Innovators Under 35 ", 2016 from MIT Technology Review.


June 2016: Cheers to Amay Bandodkar for receiving his PhD Degree; Well Done! We wish Amay well in his post-doc position in John Roger's group. 


May 2016: Warm welcome to our new post doc Rupesh Mishra.

April 2016: Congratulations to Jinxing for receiving the prestigious Dan David Prize Scholarship from  Tel Aviv University (Israel) in the field Future of Nanoscience. 


Dan David



April 2016:  Cheers to Jinxing Li for winning the GSA's 6th Annual Interdisciplinary Research Award. 


March 2016: Cheers to Amay for Winning the Young Chemist Award of Metrohm Inc. 


October 2015: Cheers to Amay Bandodkar for  winning the Siebel Scholar Award in recognition for his academic excellence and demonstrated leadership.




April 2015: Cheers to Jinxing Li for winning the Rudee Outstanding Poster Award of the Jacobs School Research Expo 2015.



April 2015: Cheers to Jinxing Li for winning the 2015 MRS Graduate Student Award Silver Medal. 


May 2014: Cheers to Dr. Virendra V. Singh for being awarded the prestigious DRDO Young Scientist of the Year Award 2013.  


June  2014:  Graduation of Wei Gao following a Fantastic Voyage, Cheers! 


June 2014: Warm welcome to Prof. Jian Liu (China) and William R. de Araujo (Brazil) to our group!


August 2014: Warm Welcome to our new graduate students:  Rajan Kumar (USA), Caleb Christianson (USA), Itthipon Jeerapan (Thailand).


August 2014: Congratulation to   Jonathan Claussen  a for his new position as Assistant Professor at Iowa State University.  


September 2014: Warm welcome to Dr. Bertha E. F. de Ávila and Aida M. Galan (both from Spain) to our group! 


March 2014: We welcome our new post doc fellows Dr. Virendra Singh from India and Dr. Jung-Min You from S. Korea.


April 2014: Cheers to Allen Pei for receiving highly prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and Stanford Graduate Fellowship.


April 2014: Cheers to Wei Gao for winning the 2014 MRS Graduate Student Award Silver Medal.



January 2013: Welcoming new visiting graduate students from Germany (Denise Molinnus) and Spain (Diana Garcia)


February 2013: Filiz Kuralay (NBE Alumni 2011-2012) was promoted to an Associate Professor in Turkey.  Cheers!!!


February 2013: Cheers to Wei Gao for Winning the Prestigious Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Oversea Students.


April  2013: Welcoming our new post doc  from Portugal (Luis Santos) and new visiting graduate student from Spain(Thomas Guinovart) and Taiwan (Yu-Chie (Dana) Li)


April 2013: Cheers to Wei Gao for Winning the 2013 MRS Graduate Student Award


May 2013: Cheers to Allen Pei for Winning the UCSD Undergraduate Library Research Award.



 July 2013: Cheers to Prof. Joseph Wang for receiving the Spiers Memorial Award from RSC. 


August 2013: Welcoming our new visiting scholars Barbara Brunetti  (Italy) and Beatriz Sanchez (Spain) 


August 2013: Wei Gao presented a Distinguished Young Scholars Seminar (DYSS) at the University of Washington (Seattle). 


September 2013:  Welcoming our new visiting scholars Prof. Guoqing Pan (China), Tailin Xu (China), Prof. Ceren Yardimci (Turkey), Dr. Sheela Berchmans (India), Zhiguang Wu (China), Tianlong Li (China) and Xuan Wang(China).


October 2013: Joe Wang was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.


November 2013: Cheers to Wei Gao won the Bionanotechnology Graduate Student Award (1st place) in the 2013 AICHE Annual Meeting.




 April 2014:  Dr. Sheela Berchmans' farewell. We thank you for your contributions! 


August 2012: Big Welcome to our new Chinese Members: Dr. Xiao-Miao Feng, Dr. Yun Xiang, Dr. Zhanjun Yang, Renfeng Dong, Guanzhi Cheng, Yufeng Shen and Jinxing Li.  


July 25, 2012:  Cheers to Wei Gao for Winning the Highly Prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Student Research Fellowship for His Advanced Nanomachines Research.


June 30, 2012: Dan's Wedding; Warmest Congratulations!!! 


June 16, 2012:  Graduation of Dan Kagan and Joshua Windmiller! Cheers!