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 Welcome to the Laboratory for Nanobioelectronics


Dr. Joseph Wang
SAIC Endowed Chair

Distinguished Professor, 

Chair of Nanoengineering
University California San Diego (UCSD)
La Jolla, CA 92093-0448


Director, Center of Wearable Sensors
Chief Editor - Electroanalysis (Wiley-VCH)


Tel (Office): (858) 246-0128

Tel (Lab): 858-822-1588.

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Office: SME Building, Room 245E


Department Website: Link



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 Currently there are over 35 active researchers in the areas of nanomachines, wearable sensors, electrochemistry and analytical chemistry. 



CITATIONS METRICS - H Index (116) - Total Citations (58,000)             




    Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher, 2015 & 2016  

       2015 World's Most Influential Scientific Minds


 Joe Wang Named Honorary Professor at Fudan University (2016)


Wang Leads a large DOE grant for developing smart clothes that could cut energy costs.


    UCSD Microrockets Featured in The Economist  Special Issue 'The World in 2013'  


Prof. Wang is among the worlds's most influential scientists, 2014 . 


Prof. Wang is among the 100 most influential people in Analytical Sciences, 2013    


Wang Received the 2013 Spiers Memorial Award for the UK Royal Society of Chemistry


Wang was admitted as Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry 


Wang Makes the Top 10 Most Cited Chemists in the World!


Science Nanomachines Guest Editorial by Wang (2016)


Wang Received the Breyer Medal of the Royal Australian Institute


Wang's 'Nanomachines" Book (Wiley-VCH), 2013


A Fantastic Voyage - RSC Interview (Chem World- 2013)


A Decade Back - Most cited JACS paper (Chem Eng News 2013)




News on Our Research:

Nanomotor News:

Swimming microrobots ‘see the invisible’ 

Can Electronics Heal Themselves? (PNAS Report)

Microcannon Firing Nanobullets - The Time of London

Nanomotors Swiftly Silence Genes 

Micromotors for CO2 sequestration

Micromotors for energy generation

Micro-Machines Journey Inside Animal for First Time

A Nanorobotics Platform for Nanomanufacturing (Nature Comm.)

Microckets Can Destroy Chemical Weapons

Microrocket that run on acid 

Water-Driven Micromotors 

Motion-based DNA Detection (Nature Comm)

Bend, Spin, Swim (Science Highlight) 

Microrockets for Cancer Diagnostics

Oil-Cleaning Microsubmarines- BBC News

Addressing Major Micromotor Challenges

Micromotors Detox Chemical Weapons (Nature Highlight)


Nanobioelectronic, Wearable sensors, and Biosensors News:

A Self-Healing Wearable Device (NY Times)

Flexible Alcohol Sensor System

Hybrid Sensor Patch

Mouth guard monitors health markers (Nanowerk)

Tattoo-based non-invasive glucose sensors 

UCSD's wearable sensors article in UT San Diego  

Epidermal lactate tattoo warns athletes of "the wall" (LA Times)

Epidermal tattoo biofuel cell (Newsweek)

Finger sensors for decentralized forensic sensing

Artistic Tattoo-based pH Skin Sensor 

Electronic Skin: Tattoo-based chemical sensing 

Enzyme logic biosensor for security surveillance

Swimming with Sensors

Self-Powered logic-activated therapeutic intervention


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